Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foods I dislike....

First topic I am addressing is Food, specifically, food that I dislike. (Don't worry, not being negative, the next post is about Foods I Like/Love)

Eggplant: There is no need to give a reason....eggplant: bleh!!!!!
Fruit on the bottom: Texture issues ( a lot of the things on this list are because of texture, just a warning)
Chickpeas: Just gross, tasteless...and they look like little shaved chicken butts.
Oatmeal: I want to like it...I really do. But its the texture. Bums me out, because it smells so good!
Capers: just gross. I know no one who actually likes capers. Pointless. Its what rich people think fancies up their meal.
Raisinets: Chocolate and thanks. (But I do like yogurt covered raisins!)
Apricots: ugh....old people fruit.
Beans: They taste like chalk, feel chalky in your mouth....make me have indigestion. No bueno.
Oregano: Most of the reason I dislike Italian food. Overwhelms every flavor in a dish. Like too much salt.
Beets: Any way you make them, I will not eat them. :::Shudder:::

But here are some fun facts!
A food from Childhood that I still love: Hot dog casserole (for those of you who do not know what that is, hot dogs cut up and mixed in with mac and cheese....yum) and Chicken Divan (chicken, broccoli, cheese, rice).

Food I used to hate, but now I love: Cauliflower and meatloaf

Food I liked when I was a kid but I hate now: Pasta and any italian food (see: oregano)

I hope you enjoyed the first installment!


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  1. This sketch is so cute! I've seen bloggers sketch their entire posts, and I'm always jealous :)

    (I also despise fruit-on-the-bottom.)