Wednesday, January 5, 2011

18 Millionth time....

So this might very well be the 18 millionth time that I revamped and repurposed this blog, and I am pretty sure that all the followers (the 3 of them) that I still have, don't pay attention to my blog anyway...but I don't care.

So I have a new purpose...
The title "Bliggity and the Wack-a-Mole" stems from my boyfriend Carlos and his lack of ability as far as technology goes. He calls my blog, my "bliggity"....and my newest tool, my Wacom tablet, he calls....wait for it.....the "Wack-a-Mole" or "Wacky". I thought it was clever and cutesy, so I stole it. He is very proud that his nicknames have made it into the "interwebs" (another one of his crazy nicknames).

In order to give myself some more structure, I have compiled a list of topics I would like to blog about. I may at some point list them on the side, so when I blog that specific topic, I can link it, so they are easily navigated.
What I am planning to do is address each topic with a brief (or not so brief) description...and a drawing that I make with Corel Painter and my Wacom tablet.

I am looking for topics/ questions to answer as well, so feel free to leave a comment with an idea. I would be very appreciative!

until next time:


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