Friday, March 18, 2011


Hey Everyone,
So I have some not so great news. I got laid off on Sunday. So I am currently in the job search phase (which if anyone has ever done this, you know how unpleasant it is). I also felt crazy inspired the other day to work on some new paintings. I have a show I have to make work for back in Philadelphia in May, so I need to have some pieces done before then (and what better time than when you are unemployed?!?!) I have done three new pieces (and they aren't in the showing stages yet, sorry you guys), but they are incredibly silly and graphic and I love them. It feels really good to be working again. The past two nights Carlos fell asleep on the couch because he wanted to watch and didn't want me to be up by myself in the house. Poor guy, but I appreciate his support.
Ultimately these pieces are mine, for me and my development. And yes, I am aware that they are silly and not "serious" work, but I honestly don't know what "serious" work is anymore. Isn't it supposed to be about me? Isn't painting supposed to be about personal expression?
This show that the pieces are in, the topic is transition. There are plenty of things you could paint to literally show transition. But the way I have interpreted it is, this is my transition. I have grown and traveled a lot in the past year. I have been challenged and been forced to open my eyes to what is truly important. In my mind, what is important is laughter, being supported by people who love you, pushing your own boundaries, and most especially "stop acting like life is so damn serious all the time!" Sure the work I am doing now is nothing like the work I had done in school. But I am not in school anymore. I am being forced to discipline myself and maybe my "discipline" is lax? I don't know. What I am more concerned about is having fun. And that is enough for me!

So for a little while.
See you.....
(See below for more achievements!)
Just an update of the list. Have been doing lots lately. I bolded the newly completed goals.

-Be blonde 
-Go food tasting in europe
-Fall in Love with Yoga again
-Get my license
-Ride on the back of a Harley  (well it wasn't a Harley, but it was a motorcycle)
- Read at least one book per month *Currently working on this one*
-Eat only fruits/veggies/food sourced from the earth (for one whole month)
-Become fluent in another language *Plans for this to be a project for Carlos and I on the drive up north, any suggestions?*
-Make things and sell them (on etsy/the street/etc.) *In progress*
-Cut out High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup
-Draw everyday
-Publish a cookbook of desserts
-Appreciate the little things more (laughing/sunsets/rainstorms...) * I understand this is a continuing things, but conscious efforts are being made
-Make an item of clothing and wear it!
-Learn to cook Gourmet meals  
-Exercise more
-Learn how to drive a stick (Will probably be learning this one soon)
-Write snail mail (starting this one this afternoon)
-Furnish my home with things I make/alter
-Travel More (This should be happening at the end of the summer, long trip up the west coast to Washington in the works!!!! eeee!)
-Go to a new place with my work   *eeeeee!*
-Grad School
-Accept my happiness and stop letting others try to dictate how my life should go. These people can't control me anymore 

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